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🎥🎨 Check Out Those Amazing Eid Contest drawings !!! 🎨📆 -

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Canadian Council of Imams

Statement from the Canadian Council of Imams on the #beirutblast

Our condolences to all those who lost loved ones. We ask Allāh the Almighty to grant all the injured a speedy recovery.

#beirutblast #beirut #lebanon #BeirutExplosion

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We have a poll set up to see which trilogy you would like us to screen. 🎥 🍿 🥳
Click on the link to go answer the poll now ... See more

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Friday Khutbah

5 days ago

Eid Aladha 1st Salah

5 days ago
Iftar with the Imam in Dhul Hijjah

Iftar with the Imam in Dhul Hijjah

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The Carleton University Muslim Student Association is having an Eid Bake Sale! 🍪 🍩 🍫
you can pre-order your box of assorted sweets for the drive-thru bake sale at the OMA Hall of Piece this ... See more

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🕋🐑5 Things To Do This Eid At The OMA 🎥🎨

Few spots remaining for Eid and for jumua and Udhḥiya.

All registration links are in our newsletter

Eid is the time when the whole community gets together. Come join us at the Ottawa Mosque this Friday for a full day of fun and educational events. Check out the different activities happening ... See more

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Iftar with the Imam in Dhul Hijjah

Iftar with the Imam in Dhul Hijjah

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