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1 week ago

Flee to Allah, Importance of Quran at times of difficulty. Daily reminder by our Imam.

1 week ago

Flee to Allah, Daily reminder by our Imam

1 week ago

Flee to Allah. Daily live reminder by our Imam

1 week ago
Photos from Ottawa Muslim Association's post

What an amazing team of dedicated volunteers at the Sadaqa Food Bank
Over 50 families recieved packages of food supply to cover two weeks. Please remember them in your Doaa and ... See more

1 week ago

The Mosque Is Closed for the Friday Prayer today.
Livestream sermon only.
Please Pray Zuhr at home.

1 week ago

Although we are practicing Social Distancing but our Minds and Hearts are connected.
The Ottawa Mosque Imam and volunteers visiting the
Parkdale FoodBank to deliver a donation and offer volunteers to ... See more

1 week ago

It is coming back again .. today at 5:00
Concerned ? Worried? Scared ? .. It is ok .. we are here to help.. post your questions and we will get you answers ..

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