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13 hours ago

OMA Annual General Body Meeting
This Sunday July 21st at 2:00PM at The Ottawa Mosque.
Meet the management team, review the Mosque Financial Audited Report , share your ideas and recommendations and ... See more

2 days ago
Volunteer sign up sheet for the OMA community event

As-salamu 'Alaykum,
The Ottawa Muslim Association is looking for volunteers to help them with an event they are planning called "The OMA community event". As a volunteer, you will get a free meal ... See more

4 days ago
Om Al-Qura School

Kids designing their prayer mats and having lots of fun together in a friendly and safe environment at Om Al-Qura school.
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4 days ago
Om Al-Qura School

Indoor and outdoor sports and lots of fun in the second week at Om Al-Qura school.
JAK teachers and volunteers for bringing smiles to kids faces.
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4 days ago
Om Al-Qura School

Students enjoying our yearly snack competition and guess who is the winning team? 💃💃💃
JAK ustatha Nayla and all teachers and volunteers who made the camp fun for kids.
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5 days ago

A reminder to our youth (and adults too)

Wearing someone else’s name doesn’t make you important, it makes them.

6 days ago

Few spots still available at AlFajr School Summer Program.
Every Sunday till August 18th.

1 week ago
Om Al-Qura School

Mashaa Allah first week of Om Al-Qura Summer Camp. Students already made friends, learnt Arabic and prayed in Jama3aa
Barak Allah feekom Om Al-Qura teachers.
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1 week ago
Photos from Ottawa Muslim Association's post

Two Amazing OMA schools summer camps

1 week ago

AlFajr School Sunday Summer program is around the corner.
Every Sunday until August 18th, from 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm. Cost is only $30 for the whole summer.
Registration begins on July 7th in ... See more

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